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100 Days, Drinks, Dishes & Destinations

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Notes from Leslie -- April 2020

We’re thrilled to launch a new season of 100 Days, Drinks, Dishes & Destinations! With seven episodes spanning the globe from here to Hungary and Mexico to France, you can “travel” from the comfort of home. In light of the Covid-19 crisis, we wanted to share that these episodes were filmed in Fall 2019 and edited by February 2020. The world was a very different place mere months ago. We know it might look strange as I hug and interact with people naturally, but that was our reality then.

Our goal with this series is to journey along WITH me. Behind-the-scenes we head to a destination for four days, turn the cameras on and GO. What results is funny and fun, entertaining and educational. We hope you grab a glass – or two – and enjoy the journey of each episode. Our goal is to make you smile, make you hungry and thirsty, and let you know that we will once again be on the road together.

As I’ve been saying recently…Stay Safe, Stay Calm and SIP ON!

Leslie and the 100 Days Productions team

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Savor the Senses

Season 2 - Episode 7

See, taste, hear, smell, touch, and feel the joy of culinary travel as Leslie awakens all senses in this episode. An eye-catching walk through the gardens of the famed eatery, French Laundry, is a journey of sensory discovery, while a visit to a Hungarian wine cellar is a tapestry of touch and taste. A plethora of aromas are on display as Leslie crafts her own perfume and her palate is put to the test while sampling wine without seeing it. She listens to the sounds of silence high above wine country while ballooning, then celebrates with the welcoming pop of a cork. Appreciate beautiful travel and culinary moments while celebrating the senses.

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100 Days, Drinks, Dishes & Destinations
is your passport to delicious

Pack your bags and join Emmy-award winning wine expert and host, Leslie Sbrocco, as she whisks audiences off for culinary adventures around the globe.

Sbrocco’s new series, 100 Days, Drinks, Dishes & Destinations, is your virtual passport to palate-pleasing experiences and cultural exploration. From sausage stands in Vienna to Chinese tea traditions in San Francisco, Nashville’s hot chicken and Tennessee whiskey to hearty Hungarian goulash, Leslie shares knowledge and humor alike as she indulges in iconic treats and undiscovered treasures.

Follow Leslie through castles, ancient hot springs, beaches, and bustling city streets as she takes on the world with glass and fork in hand.

Meet Your Host

Leslie Sbrocco

Leslie Sbrocco (a.k.a. ThirstyGirl) eats, drinks, and travels for a living. She considers herself lucky to do what she loves and has always said, “Well, someone has to do it…I’m just happy it’s me.” A food show host, a wine expert with two books, a writer, speaker, and consultant, Leslie shares her passion for tasting the world in her new national television series.

She has hosted KQED’s Check Please, Bay Area! for 14 seasons and is a regular guest on NBC’s The Today Show among other on-air and online media outlets. She is an in-demand speaker who travels the world to educate about wine at events such as Food & Wine magazine’s Aspen Classic, The Boston Wine Expo, and Pinot Noir New Zealand. Leslie hosts corporate drinks and food events across the country, has consulted for companies including Traveling Vineyard and Target, and judges global wine and spirits competitions including the Argentina Wine Awards, the John Barleycorn Society Spirits Awards, and the San Francisco International Wine Competition.

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