* Our Season Two episodes were filmed in Fall 2019 with editing completed early in 2020. We’re airing them as we filmed them…me interacting naturally with people. It may seem strange to watch now in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, but we hope you view the shows with open eyes, hearts and a love of travel past…and future.

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Season 2

Episode 1

Nashville, Tennessee

I’ve wanted to do an episode on Nashville since the beginning of this series. Along with Normandy (coming soon), it is one of those destinations where I have close friends and therefore, special ties to the place. I’m not the only one with a desire to experience Nashville. So many people have said to me over the past few years how much they want to visit, too. Why? Bustling Nashville is a mesmerizing place. Dubbed “Music City,” it’s the perfect intersection of music, food, drinks and fun. There’s no other place like it in the world.

Episode 2


Budapest is one of Europe's most spectacular cities. Two sides of the city include the fairytale castle of Buda and the awe-inspiring Parliament building of Pest. With natural spas, urban ruin pubs, and culinary delights from paprika to goulash, it’s a city full of surprises.

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