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* Our Season Two episodes were filmed in Fall 2019 with editing completed early in 2020. We’re airing them as we filmed them…me interacting naturally with people. It may seem strange to watch now in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, but we hope you view the shows with open eyes, hearts and a love of travel past…and future.

Leslie and 100 Days Team

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Season 2

Episode 1

Nashville, Tennessee

I’ve wanted to do an episode on Nashville since the beginning of this series. Along with Normandy (coming soon), it is one of those destinations where I have close friends and therefore, special ties to the place. I’m not the only one with a desire to experience Nashville. So many people have said to me over the past few years how much they want to visit, too. Why? Bustling Nashville is a mesmerizing place. Dubbed “Music City,” it’s the perfect intersection of music, food, drinks and fun. There’s no other place like it in the world.

Episode 2


Budapest is one of Europe’s most spectacular cities. Two sides of the city include the fairytale castle of Buda and the awe-inspiring Parliament building of Pest. With natural spas, urban ruin pubs, and culinary delights from paprika to goulash, it’s a city full of surprises.

Episode 3


The bustling and beautiful Guadalajara is the capitol of the state of Jalisco. Here, Leslie explores the city’s gastronomic pleasures and cultural treasures before heading out to Jalisco’s other famed destination – the small town of Tequila. She finds distilleries making the namesake spirit, Tequila, in the old-fashioned way. But Jalisco is also known for its cuisine, and Leslie seeks out a chef who is keeping native Jalisco recipes alive in the rugged countryside. 

Episode 4


Normandy is one of France’s treasured gastronomic and historic destinations. Artists have painted its bucolic landscapes stretching from seaside white cliffs to expansive green fields and cities such as Rouen, Honfleur and Fécamp (home of the celebrated Bénédictine liqueur). Gourmet choices abound as apple orchards beget cider and Calvados, while happy cows give Camembert cheese its complexity. Leslie’s sister and brother-in-law, Lisa and David Anquetil, are long-time residents and take her to spots only locals know. Indulging in delicious bites and sips, she encounters characters that embody French joie de vivre!

Episode 5

Dirt to Dinner

This episode highlights drinks from cider to tequila to wine in a trio of worldwide destinations including France, Mexico and California. We step behind-the-scenes and Leslie gets her hands in the dirt to see how some of the world’s most fascinating libations are crafted using history, technology and authenticity. Then, we take what comes from the ground to share it in the glass AND on the dinner table complementing delicious local dishes.

Episode 6

Feast of Flavors

Feast on flavors from savory to spicy to sweet in an episode that takes us around the world on a palate-pleasing adventure. Join the fun as Leslie helps craft fresh French Camembert cheese, indulges in piquant Caribbean fare with flair, imbibes the best of California bubbly, eats an Oprah favorite, and makes decadent dessert ‘sushi’ with a chocolate master. Viewers can stamp their passport to delicious along with Leslie as she finds global sips to foil culinary heat and marry with satisfying sweets.

Episode 7

Savor the Senses

See, taste, hear, smell, touch, and feel the joy of culinary travel as Leslie awakens all senses in this episode. An eye-catching walk through the gardens of the famed eatery, French Laundry, is a journey of sensory discovery, while a visit to a Hungarian wine cellar is a tapestry of touch and taste. A plethora of aromas are on display as Leslie crafts her own perfume and her palate is put to the test while sampling wine without seeing it. She listens to the sounds of silence high above wine country while ballooning, then celebrates with the welcoming pop of a cork. Appreciate beautiful travel and culinary moments while celebrating the senses.

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