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* Our Season Two episodes were filmed in Fall 2019 with editing completed early in 2020. We’re airing them as we filmed them…me interacting naturally with people. It may seem strange to watch now in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, but we hope you view the shows with open eyes, hearts and a love of travel past…and future.

Leslie and 100 Days Team

Season 2 – Episode 3



Show Notes

The bustling and beautiful Guadalajara is the capitol of the state of Jalisco. Here, Leslie explores the city’s gastronomic pleasures and cultural treasures before heading out to Jalisco’s other famed destination – the small town of Tequila. She finds distilleries making the namesake spirit, Tequila, in the old-fashioned way. But Jalisco is also known for its cuisine, and Leslie seeks out a chef who is keeping native Jalisco recipes alive in the rugged countryside


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